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Transfer Procedures

Transfer Advising

The Student Success Center provides information and activities about transferring. To facilitate this process you must meet with a professional advisor who is experienced in options and resources available to you. To speak to an advisor, contact the Student Success Center.

In order to effectively manage your transfer, the following is recommended:

  1. Meet with an advisor/program coordinator at least once per academic semester to make sure that you are fulfilling major requirements and enrolling in courses transferable to your selected college/university.
  2. Attend an open house or visit the target university/college; visit the college's/university's website and housing options before applying for admission. Students can call the admissions office at the receiving college and schedule a campus tour.
  3. Meet with admission representatives from the four‐year colleges/universities during their visit here on campus.
  4. Participate in GCC's transfer seminars and college fairs (contact the Student Success Center for schedules).

Procedures for applying to a four-year college or university:

Students are advised to get an unofficial graduation audit by the Student Success Center at GCC to make sure they meet program requirements.

The Common Application

  • Several institutions use the Common Application while others use their own admissions application.
  • For application fee waivers, assistance with financial aid and more, make an appointment with GCC's CONNTAC (Connecticut Talent Assistance Cooperative) representative (203) 285-2216. Read more about what CONNTAC can do for you!

Students should fill out a transcript request form through myCommnet in order to have their transcript sent to the receiving college/university.

Students should submit an application to the Undergraduate Admissions office at their chosen college/university or apply on‐line. Deadlines must be met to ensure successful transfer.

Once your admissions application and transcript are received by your university of choice, a credit evaluation process will take place in order to determine if you meet the college’s general education requirements, major and elective requirements. The receiving college will make a determination at their discretion of what courses are acceptable for transfer. Most universities require grades of "C‐" or better.

Fall admissions (planning to start in September): Apply in December or January.

Spring admissions (planning to start in January): Apply in August or September.

Students who want to apply for financial aid must file for FAFSA via the web at Students must file by the priority date of their chosen university/college.