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Assessment of Non-Traditional Learning

Please consult the Gateway Community College catalog for current policies on Assessment of Non-Traditional Learning. Credit may be awarded based on:

Assessment By Examination (Credit by Exam)

Gateway credit only to address graduation requirements.

Contact: Stacy Walker or register online for an exam. Contact the Academic Department directly to inquire about other Credit by Exam opportunities.

Transferability: Credits do not transfer, but address Gateway graduation requirements only.

Prior Learning Assessment

Assessment of college-level learning outside of the traditional classroom. Program is administered through a partnership with Charter Oak State College.

Contact: Leigh Roberts in Career Services for details.

Transferability: Gateway awards credits that transfer to other institutions.

Includes training by military and by professional organizations and associations.

Contact: Kellie Danso in Career Services

Transferability: Gateway awards credit college courses which may transfer to other colleges and universities.