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Student ID Cards

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Note: Failure to follow thes directions below will prevent the college from issuing the ID.

  1. Photo must be .jpg format
  2. Photo must be recent and in color
  3. Photo must be full, front-facing view and eyes must be open
  4. Size of photo (example: 2"x2" showing the shoulders, neck and head only)
  5. If you wear glasses, please remove them for the photo
  6. Plain, light colored background, no other people in the photo
  7. Do not submit a selfie
  8. Do not use filters, edit the photo, remove or resize any facial features
  9. Do not wear hats, masks or any other items of clothing that cover your face

Security & ID Cards

College ID Cards - Online Ordering

To apply for a college ID you must be a currently registered student or employee of Gateway Community College. When ordering your college ID online, please be sure that your college email is active and that your check it regularly , as this is where you will be notified when your ID is ready for pick up.

Use and Care of Your ID Card

Each student, faculty, and staff member must obtain a photo identification card. 

Your College ID Card:

  • Identifies you as a member of the Gateway community
  • Must be presented to staff when requested
  • Must be used to borrow books from the library
  • Is required for access to parking in the Gateway Garage, and may also be used to enter and exit the Temple Street Garage
  • Is required for admission to college-sponsored activities and special events.

The college ID is the property of the State of Connecticut and privileges may be revoked according to Board of Regents' policy.

Please treat your ID card with care. Holes, creases, and other damage will make the card inoperable. Do not bend the card or leave it in direct sunlight, near other sources of heat, or in contact with magnetic fields.

ID Cards for New and Transfer Students

New and Transfer Students may obtain their ID Card by submitting the form above once they are registered for classes. Students will receive an email when the ID Card is ready for pickup.

Replacement Cards

If an ID card is lost, stolen, or damaged, individuals should park in the Temple Street Garage, obtain parking validation from the college, and request a replacement ID card by submitting the form above.

  • Lost, stolen, confiscated, or damaged ID cards should be reported immediately to Gateway Security, (203) 285-2611.
  • To obtain a replacement college ID card, you must fill out the form above.
  • Replacement cards are only obtainable for registered students in good standing with the college.
  • When an ID card is lost, stolen, or no longer functions, the Security Office issues a replacement card with the photograph on record.

Taking Your Picture ID

  • Headwear (except religious) and sunglasses are not permitted.
  • Only one picture will be taken per person!

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