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Science and Mathematics

Please note that as of July 1, 2023, all program information should be accessed through the CT State Community College Catalog. Specific program information on this page may no longer be accurate beyond this date.

Science and Mathematics


The Mathematics and Natural Science Department offers a broad range of courses in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Mathematics, and Physics. Additionally, the Math/Science Department is home to the following Associate of Science degrees and Certificate Programs:

College of Technology

Engineering Science (AS)

The Engineering Science A.S. degree leads to transfer to one of the following institutions: School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut, School of Engineering at the University of Hartford, School of Engineering at the University of New Haven, School of Engineering at Fairfield University. 

Technological Studies (AS)

The Technology Studies A.S. degree leads to transfer to the School of Technology at Central Connecticut State University or Charter Oak State College, Connecticut’s external degree program.  


Natural Science & Mathematics

Natural Science & Mathematics (AS)

The Natural Sciences and Mathematics program prepares qualified students to work at research facilities as laboratory or research assistants, and/or continue their studies in the sciences at a 4-year institution. 


Environmental Science & Toxicology

Environmental Science & Toxicology (AS)

The Environmental Science and Toxicology program offers students a broad educational approach to the many careers available to them upon graduation.

Environmental Science & Toxicology (C)

The Environmental Science and Toxicology certificate prepares students for entry-level technician positions in the fields of environmental science, toxicology, and forensic science, or to continue their studies beyond the certificate to receive a 2- or 4-year degree.