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Apply For Admission

Method 1—Apply Online, a Step-by-Step Guide

1. You will need:

  • A valid e-mail account (please use a personal email account and not a school email account)

2. Go to Gateway's online application page.

3. Click on Gateway Community College. Then:
  • Click on Create Account (if a first time user)
  • Please note: If at any time you need to stop filling out the application, click on “Save Application.” You will need Email Address and the password you created. Please do not create a new application account.

4. Complete and enter all fields in the Contact Information Portion.  

5. Select: Gateway CC

6. Select your Student Type:
  • New Student Admission (never attended college)
  • Transfer Student Admission (attended another college)
  • Readmit Student Admission (have taken course(s) at GCC)
7. Select:  Area of Interest 
8. Create a Password (write down your password this will allow you to log into your application account)
9. Click on Create Account 
10. You will now begin completing your Gateway Community College Online Application. 
11. Complete each portion of the Application and click on Save&Continue after completing eah portion.
  • Personal
  • Academic Plans
  • Demographics
  • Academic History
  • Self Attestation & History
12. Make sure to select Save and Continue after completing each portion of the application. 
13. Once your all application field are complete: Type your Full Name and Date in the signature box. 
14. Click on Submit Application
15Once, you have submitted your Admissions Application you will be directed to your Application:  My Account webpage, which will show the status of your Admissions Application. 
16. You MUST upload Admissions Documents (if degree seeking) by clicking on View then select: Supplemental Items & Documents.
  • To view and upload missing Admission Items such as proof of high school, health immunization, SAT Scores, and SS Election Form look under the ACTION heading, click “View” then select “Supplemental Items and Documents”
Congratulations! Your application is now complete and will be processed by the Admissions Office within 5-7 business days. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your online application. Once your application is reviewed and accepted for admissions you will receive an email of acceptance with your Student Banner ID Number and next steps for successful enrollment.

All Degree seeking applicants MUST provide additional admission items prior to acceptance.

Non-Degree applicants MUST complete a Non-Degree Information Request Form found under “Supplemental Items & Documents” prior to acceptance



(Summer Intersession applications are available mid-February through late May. Fall Semester applications are available early October through late August, and Spring Semester applications are available early October through mid-January. Winter Intersession applications are available from early October through late December.)