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Registration Policies

Registration Policies

Fall and Spring registration dates are established each semester for new and returning students.

Registration is accomplished on a seat-available basis.

Not all courses in the catalog will be offered every semester. The college reserves the right to cancel course offerings for budgetary reasons or because of low enrollment. Students will be notified if a selected course is canceled.

Gateway offers credit and non-credit courses during its Winter intersession, which runs from late December through early January, as well as during Summer sessions. The exact dates of the Winter intersession and Summer sessions may be found in the course schedules and online.


The board of trustees has established guidelines for the exchange of students among institutions in the state system of higher education. This provides an opportunity for students enrolled in community colleges to benefit significantly by taking a course(s) not available at Gateway Community College but offered at another state institution.

Withdrawal from Courses

Students who officially withdraw from semester credit courses though the Records Office within the first fourteen (14) calendar days of the 15-week semester will be removed from rosters. Students withdrawing after the first fourteen calendar days but before the end of the tenth week will receive a grade of "W" (refer to chart at top of next page). A student with a grade of "W" will be ineligible for academic honors for that semester.

During the Summer/Winter sessions, students who withdraw prior to the first day of the credit course will receive no grade for the course. Generally, after the first, and prior to the last, date of withdrawal for each Summer/Winter session, a student will receive a grade of "W". Please consult the Records Office. Students are encouraged to carefully read the academic calendars for each Summer/Winter session.

After the above deadlines have passed, withdrawal from a course may be granted and recorded on the student's permanent record as "W" if extenuating circumstances are found to justify the withdrawal. "W" grades are not computed in the quality point average. If a student stops attending class, however, and fails to officially withdraw from the course, the instructor may issue a grade of "F". "F" grades are calculated in the grade point average (GPA). To be official, all withdrawals must be received and processed by the Records Office.

See the Registrar's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for questions on medical withdrawals.

Withdrawal from the College

A student who wishes to withdraw from the college may do so at any time during the semester by contacting the Records office or the Counseling office to complete the process. The grade of "W" will be given for each course not completed at the time of withdrawal. A student must complete a readmit application upon return to the college. Former Gateway Community College students who have withdrawn from the college or have been absent from the college for at least two (2) years (excluding Summer and Winter intersessions), and wish to return, must submit a Readmit/Application form to the Records Office. It is not necessary to pay the $20 application fee. However, if students attended another college during their absence, they must submit an official transcript from each college if they wish to transfer credit.

Auditing a Course

Students not wishing credit may audit a course. This status will allow them to participate in activities without being required to meet the examination requirements of the course. Students may ask to have papers critiqued, but faculty members are not required to grade an auditor's course work. Full tuition and fees are required for courses audited. A student who wishes to change from credit to audit status must request this within the first four (4) weeks of the course (15-week course) through written application to the Records Office. Students auditing a course may not change to credit status.

Audited courses may be repeated in subsequent semesters for credit by re-registering and paying the appropriate tuition and fees. The structure of the course should not be altered in terms of the number of students auditing the given course.


Clinical courses in the Radiologic Technology programs are offered only on a Pass/Fail basis. With the permission of the instructor, a student may take an elective course on a Pass/Fail basis. Any student who has satisfactorily completed at least twelve (12) hours of credit may take advantage of the Pass/Fail option. The student must notify the Records Office in writing of this intent no later than one (1) week following the add period. Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a grade of "P" or "F." No other grade will be reported. The "Pass" grade will entitle the student to an appropriate number of academic credits toward graduation. A "Pass" will not be computed in the student's quality point average (QPA). Only one academic course may be taken as a Pass/Fail option during a semester.

Repeating a Course

A course may be repeated only twice with receipt of a grade of A-F. The highest grade will be computed for the GPA. A student may not receive credit for the same course more than once.

Independent Study

Independent Study provides special opportunities beyond the regular course offerings of the catalog. To be eligible, a student's cumulative grade point average must be 3.0 or better.

An Independent Study form (includes objective(s) and justification of the project, the nature of the learning outcomes, learning methodology, and the evaluative criteria) shall be completed and signed by the instructor, the student, and the Department Chairperson. The form is then submitted to the Dean of Learning's office during the first week for final approval. The student must secure an add slip from the Records Office or the Counseling Office so that this study will be recorded on the student's records. Upon completion of the project, a brief written evaluation is to be attached to the student's permanent record, which should accompany the grade report to the Registrar. During their attendance at GCC, students shall be limited to three (3) Independent Study courses, which may be taken one per semester after the student's first semester at the college.

Individualized Instruction

This is an arrangement between a student and an instructor concerning a catalog course not offered in a given semester. An Individualized Instruction Form shall be completed and signed by the student, the instructor, and the Department Chairperson. This form, available in the Record's Office, may be submitted during registration but no later than the end of the add period.