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Gateway to College Application Process

Gateway to College Application Process

Make sure to consult with your school counselor prior to completing the application.

Click blue tab below to be directed to the GtC apllication



Step 1: Student

Students Should Complete Application



Step 2: School Counselors

School Counselors will be asked to submit the Counselor Referral Letter via email verification from GtC resulting from a student application submission.

In addition, School Counselor’s must submit the following documentation via email to the contact below.

  • SSD College Board Accommodation Letter (If applicable)
  • Summary of Performance Form (if applicable)
  • Attendance Report
  • Behavioral Report
  • Credit Analysis (see PDF link below)
  • Most Current Official Transcript
  • Teacher referral Letter

GtC Transcript Analysis Worksheet

All submissions should be addressed to:

Email Contact:
  and CC: