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The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) have activated a new alert system that enables college officials to communicate with students, staff, and faculty in emergency situations via multiple contact methods—including email, phone calls, and text messages. This is a free* service to members of the college and university communities.

All participants—students, staff, and faculty—should update their contact preferences in Banner Self-Service ( You will be able to indicate your preferences for receiving emergency notifications. You may choose a primary text*, a primary cell phone, email address, and/or home phone. Need to update your myCommNet Alert information? Click here to view the guide to changing your information.

* Please note that text message costs will follow your calling plan's terms for text messages. In some cases a message may result in two or more SMS / Texts being received.

The Everbridge Emergency Notification System is a comprehensive system, adopted by the CSCU to allow colleges to quickly communicate with their campus communities when there are emergency situations or inclement weather closings. All members of the college community are automatically enrolled and required to provide up-to-date contact information, including faculty, staff, students, affiliated staff, and long-term guests.


What is myCommNet Alert used for?

College officials will use the myCommNet Alert system to communicate with faculty, staff, and students in the event of weather emergencies (late openings, early closings, all-day closings), and life-safety emergencies (lockdowns, evacuations), and other emergencies as they arise. myCommNet Alert will not be used for standard announcements—these will be posted on the college webpage, Facebook, and other communication media.

Who will use myCommNet Alert?

myCommNet Alert will be used by campus officials to post emergency messages.

Is participation in myCommNet Alert mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory that all students, faculty, staff, affiliated staff, and long-term guests have a communication record in myCommNet Alert. There are no exceptions and there is no opt-out option. However, you may edit and update your preferred method for receiving notifications at

How does myCommNet Alert contact me? How many methods of contact do I need to provide?

myCommNet Alert has the ability to contact you up to 6 different ways—text message, cell phone, email, secondary cell phone, home phone, and work email. You must provide at least two (2) different contact methods. All members of the campus community will have to log into the myCommNet portal and utilize the form to update their communication method preferences with their current and preferred information. Each emergency message will be sent once to each of your contact methods.

What happens if I change my phone number or email? How would I continue to receive emergency messages?

It is your responsibility to keep your contact information current. Please access the form in the myCommNet portal to keep your contact information current.

How do I get help or have a question answered?

Please call the IT Help Desk for assistance at (203) 285-2040. The Help Desk will be able to guide you on how to edit your contact methods. Other questions will be referred to the appropriate Dean.