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Parental support

What Every Student Advocate Should Know About College!

Thank you for choosing Gateway Community College. Your student is beginning a new journey in their life, and we are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of their learning and educational growth. Gateway is known for excellence in education, as well as our caring faculty and staff. Your student’s success is very important to us!


It’s true, parents/supporters/advocates love Gateway because our tuition is more affordable than four-year colleges and universities. Gateway makes great financial sense. Plus, through our Guaranteed Admissions Program, our courses are highly transferable to many other Connecticut colleges, universities and private institutions. Furthermore, we are an accredited institution, which means our courses transfer to colleges outside the state of Connecticut too. This section of the website is designed with caring supporters/advocates in mind. Your student is embarking on a rewarding educational journey and your job in launching them successfully is not done. But your role is changing! What can you do to help? Helping a student commit to graduate is the most important role that student supporters play. When you are positive, they will be too. When you are encouraging, they will try harder or again. Join us in our commitment to seeing your student through completion and graduation! When it is time for them to walk across that Commencement stage, we will be celebrating with you!

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Still haven’t decided which school is right for your student? The best way to know that Gateway Community College is the right fit is to come for a visit! We’re always glad to show you around. To learn more about booking a tour click here.

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Understanding FERPA

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) became a federal law in 1971 in order to afford students certain rights of confidentiality with respect to their educational record. All educational institutions are required to abide by FERPA regulations.

What are the main principles of FERPA?

The main components of FERPA include:

  • A student’s educational record is to be kept confidential
  • Only those Gateway Community College officials with the “legitimate educational interest” may have access to a student’s educational record
  • Gateway can only release general “directory information” about the student, and
  • A student must sign a written waiver to release parts of his/her educational record to others, including his/her parents.


For more information on FERPA please click here.