Update: Pass/Fail option

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Dear College Community,
I am writing today to inform you that, because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and the transition to online education, all Connecticut community college students will have the option to convert any and all of the letter grades earned during the spring 2020  semester to credit/no credit grading - also known as pass/fail. 
Students will have until June 1, 2020 to make this decision. Opting for pass/fail will not impact a student's GPA, and credits earned will be eligible for transfer to the state universities through the Transfer and Articulation Policy.
You can find the full procedures the college will use for the pass/fail system , as well as the form students should use to opt-in on our website here: https://gatewayct.edu/Registrar. Scroll down to Student Online Services and please take a moment to read it over. 
Note that students who choose to pursue the pass/fail option will need to fill out the form, obtain the electronic signature of their course instructor, and submit the form to the registrar's office by email at:
I know that transition to online-only education presents a number of challenges, and the credit/no credit option is an important step to give our students and employees some peace of mind during these turbulent times.
Thomas Coley, Ph.D.
Regional President, CSCU Shoreline-West
Acting President, Gateway Community College
Acting President, Housatonic Community College