Student Conduct Policy

The Board of Regents Policy on Student Conduct provides the procedures for the investigation and resolution of complaints regarding student conduct, including those involving sexual harassment, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence. 

The Office of Student Development is the designated recipient of reports of violations of the Expectations for Student Conduct, and administers the Policy on Student Conduct process regarding any such reports. The Policy provides an equal, fair, and timely process for complainants and accused students.

Time to Report

To summarize the procedures, normally reports must be received by the Dean of Student Affairs within thirty (30) days of the date of a possible violation or within thirty (30) days of the date the facts constituting a possible violation were known. However, the College recognizes that the decision to file a report of sexual misconduct or relationship violence is difficult and may take some time. Because memories may fade and witnesses may become inaccessible, the sooner information is gathered, the greater is the ability of the College to effectively investigate and resolve the matter fairly to all parties concerned.

Danger to Persons, Property or Academic Process: Interim Suspension or Restriction

Upon receipt of a report, the Office of Student Development must initially determine if, based upon the reported incident, the continued presence of the reported violator would constitute an unreasonable danger to the persons, property, or academic process of the College. If the Office of Student Development so determines, it is authorized to suspend or restrict the reported violator on an interim basis.


The Office of Student Development is expected to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the report and, upon the conclusion of the investigation, the Office of Student Development must decide whether the information gathered leads to the conclusion that the reported student committed the reported violation.

Range of Sanctions

The Policy on Student Conduct provides sanctions for any violation of the Policy, ranging from a warning to separation from the College depending on the severity and extent of the behavior, among other factors. The purpose of sanctions includes, but is not limited to: changing student behavior, protecting the College community from further violations, and fostering a campus environment that is conducive to learning, teaching, and working.

Violation Not Warranting Suspension or Expulsion

If the Dean determines the violation does not warrant suspension or expulsion from the College, then the Dean is expected to conduct an Administrative Conference and decide, after informing the accused student of the results of the investigation and after providing the accused student with an opportunity to provide additional information, whether a violation has occurred and, if so, what sanction not involving suspension or expulsion is appropriate. There is no right of review from such a decision of the Dean.*

Violation Warranting Suspension or Expulsion: Resolution Options

If upon the completion of the investigation the Dean determines that the reported student has violated the Expectations for Student Conduct and that suspension or expulsion is warranted, the Dean shall offer the accused student a statement of the results of the investigation, a proposed agreement in lieu of a hearing, and a statement of the student’s rights at a hearing should there be a hearing.*

* See the BOR Policy on Student Conduct (5.2.1) for more information about Sanctions (Section 4) and Procedures (Section 5)