Student Affairs



Student Affairs provides comprehensive programs and services integral to the support of the educational process. These programs and services promote student engagement, equal access and retention, and enable students to identify and achieve their educational and career goals. The Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing quality programs, resources and services which promote student development, learning, and success to a diverse population in support of the college’s mission.

Student Affairs is comprised of three main areas: Enrollment Management, Student Engagement & Career Development, and Student Success. The Division also has oversight relationships with third party agencies that provide services within the college.


Enrollment Management

The Admissions Office provides information to a diverse population about educational opportunities at Gateway Community College. We facilitate and implement the admissions process, and assist students in making program choices to pursue their career, educational, and personal goals.
The Registrar's Office coordinates registration services and assists students in accessing and maintaining their academic history.
The Financial Aid Office works with students to provide access to higher education by minimizing economic barriers. The office works with students who apply for financial aid, and provides financing options through state and federal grants, college loans, work-study, and scholarships.



Student Engagement & Career Development

Athletics and Intramurals seeks to promote the development of physical, mental, and emotional well-being of students. Gateway Community College is a member of the national Junior College Athletic Association (Region XXI) and abides by its rules of eligibility and code of ethics. Intercollegiate sports include women’s and men’s basketball.

Career Services exists to educate and empower students and alumni throughout their lifelong career development journey. We provide personalized and innovative services, resources, and technology that ultimately prepare students to make optimal use of their knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to compete globally for the career they deserve.

Gender Equity Center is committed to fostering a safe, equitable, and inclusive environment for all. This is the place where students, faculty, and staff connect for resources, services, education, awareness, and prevention programs, all related to gender.

Student Activities & Leadership Programs is a student-centered office that values participatory decision making, self-directed activity, and the open exchange of ideas. Through service to the campus community in student leadership, we foster interactive and developmental experiences in leadership and social responsibility. Furthermore, we enhance the academic experience through an extensive array of cultural, educational, recreational, social, and leadership programs.

Veteran Affairs supports reservists, active-duty military, and veteran students by processing educational benefits, providing information and resources, and assisting them to develop and meet their educational and career goals.  

Student Development supports the education and preparation of students for full participation in civic, cultural, and professional life. The programs and services of Student Conduct and Civility are coordinated directly out of the Student Engagement and Career Development. This area is responsible for supporting the code of Student Conduct and helping to promote civility and responsible behavior on the campus.


Student Success

Student Accessibility Services is committed to promoting equal access to education for students with disabilities in an environment that respects and values their differences and encourages self-advocacy and self-determination.
The Center for Students and Families (CSF) promotes the economic well-being of students through integrated academic/career support, income/work support, and financial services support.
Counseling and Student Success works in partnership with the college community to foster and enhance the learning process.


Center for Educational Services

The Center for Educational Services provides academic support services for students, including tutorial assistance and placement testing.


Third Party Agencies

CONNTAC    The mission of Connecticut Talent Assistance Cooperative (CONNTAC) promotes and expands equal educational access and opportunity for Connecticut residents. CONNTAC advocates issues and provides support services for residents from low-income, first-generation educational backgrounds to give them reasonable and realistic opportunities to succeed and be empowered socially and economically.

Hill Health Center    The Cornell Scott Hill Health Center offers primary medical, behavioral/mental health, gynecology, and other wellness services, such as immunizations, to the Gateway Community.

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