Student Government Association Application

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the voice of the student body. It strives to promote student interests within the college and its composite communities to enrich education, student life, and the overall Gateway experience.

The purpose of the SGA is to:

  • Be a voice of the students at Gateway Community College;
  • Promote good citizenship through the college and the community;
  • Assist in the governing of the college;
  • Provide a forum for student expression through student representation;
  • Work with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs to encourage, develop, and support student activities and events;
  • Work with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs to officially recognize and coordinate clubs and organizations; and
  • Develop leadership skills.

SGA Committees

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board is a sub-committee within the SGA whose charge is to successfully coordinate, implement, and execute a comprehensive calendar of social, recreational, educational, film, performing arts, service, philanthropic, and cultural events for activity fee paying students at Gateway Community College. To join, email

Election Committee

The Election Committee is comprised of three (3) members of the SGA each February. The charge of the committee is to coordinate and implement a fair and unbiased election of new Student Government Association officers for the following year.

2016-2017 Executive Board of Officers Election Packet

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, chaired by the SGA-Treasurer, bears the responsibility of appropriating student activity funds to various SGA-recognized student clubs and organizations, as well as departments that wish to apply for monies to host activities open to the entire student body. The budget cycle begins with budget requests submitted to the finance committee by March 15th, annually. The Finance Committee is comprised of 7-12 students who are selected after participating in an application and selection process. The committee meets monthly, or as necessary. Budget requests must be submitted to the SGA Treasurer by noon on the day previous to the meetings. Dates of the meetings may be found on the Student Activities Event Calendar.

SGA Senators

Senator for Clubs & Organizations

Duties include chairing the Inter-club Council, coordinating the constitution review process, and coordinating the Activities Fair.

Senator for Student Affairs & Administration

To serve as the liaison between the administration on all student services and administrative functions.


For further information, contact:

SGA Office
(203) 285-2242
Room S110