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Please use the form below to schedule all events, activities, fundraisers, philanthropic programs, co-sponsorships, etc. Please submit this form at least three (3) weeks prior to the event and four (4) weeks prior to the event if funding is needed, or six (6) weeks if a contract is needed.

  • If you will be using funds for the event, please submit a Student Activity Fund Payment Request Form, which is available in the Office of Student Activities (S110).
  • For publicity, you can request a flyer be created for you or you can submit your own flyer. If you would like to submit your own flyer please check in with Student Activities to ensure that all copyright guidelines are being met. To submit please email: There is now a room in Student Activities designated for groups to make their own flyers and publicity materials. Once the event is approved it will be posted to all Student Activities TVs, social media, and will go out as a text.
  • After submitting this form you will receive either confirmation from Student Activities or a request for more information.


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