The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs presents a variety of programs designed to enhance the leadership development of our student leaders. Through a formal leadership series, national leadership conference participation, a Certified Student Leadership Series, an academic course in leadership, and a variety of other means, students will have the opportunity to develop and augment their own personal leadership skills.

Certified Student Leader Program

The Gateway Certified Student Leader Program takes place on Thursdays from Noon-1:30p in S109. This series is coordinated by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Programs and paid for with your Student Activity Fee. Please check back for Fall 2016 dates.


Leadership Course

Gateway offers a three-credit course in leadership. In this course, students will engage in an in-depth examination of the nature and importance of leadership concepts and principles as applied to organizational effectiveness.   Leadership research findings, practice, and skills are emphasized in light of modern theories and applications. This course utilizes personal inventories, journals, service opportunities, discussion, and critical reflection to develop student leadership skills. Some of the topics included are:

  • The changing nature of leadership
  • Understanding yourself and the impact on leadership
  • Understanding others
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Team and group leadership
  • Understanding complex organizations, communities, and civic engagement
  • Leadership practices and models

This course will transfer to several area colleges and universities and will prove invaluable to those seeking upward mobility in the work force. To take this course, register for BMG 298 Topics: Leadership.


Student Organization Training Retreats

Every Fall the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs plans a day of training for all of our student clubs and organizations. We often bring noted trainers and facilitators, an etiquette luncheon, and several workshops.  Students have the opportunity to learn the key skills involved with running a student organization from financial management and parliamentary procedures to recruitment and marketing.

Several student organizations request to have an organizational retreat to assist in building a cohesive student organization. The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs can assist student organization members and their advisors in the coordination and execution of such team-building activities.


Student Leadership Conference Grants

Gateway Community College, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs, and the Student Government Association are committed to leadership education. As such, the Student Leadership Conference Grant program was initiated to provide student leaders the opportunity to participate in selected leadership conferences. Student Leadership Conference Grants are available to students to attend and participate in a variety of conferences throughout the year.


New Student Orientation (NSO) Leadership Program

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs provides comprehensive New Student Orientation programs for all incoming students and their parents or spouses. NSO Leaders will assist in fostering a sense of community and help to identify key areas of the college that all new students should become familiar with. Orientation Leaders will work with students during the program and serve as mentors for their new students throughout the year. Learn more.