Student Activities Request Form

ALL requests must be submitted to the Public Affairs and Marketing Department (S421) three (3) weeks prior to the due date. Forms are completed on first-come, first-serve basis. Forms without the Director of Student Activities signature will not be accepted.

Submit images, any photographs as JPEG, PSD or EPS, via email to within a day of your request, for efficiency. Any images must be owned by the student and appropriate for public display at school. We require written consent before publishing student-owned images.  

Your event will automatically be posted to the vertical monitors and GCC’s social media. 

PLEASE NOTE: Non-approved clubs must adhere to print max. Recognized clubs may exceed if approved by the Student Activities Director. Printing is done by the Publications Department and will be submitted by Public Affairs and Marketing on behalf of the Director of Student Activities. The Director of Student Activities, Public Affairs and Publications have final decision and reserves the right to deny print requests.

Event/Meeting Date:
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** Contact information for Public Affairs and Student Activities. This information will not put on printed materials/monitors/social media.