What is Gateway Middle College?

Gateway Middle College enables students to take exciting courses for college credit, tuition free.

What is Middle College?

Middle College high schools are a growing trend nationally. The mission of Middle College is to increase the number of high school students, nationally, who have access to college classes. The essential pillars of Middle College:

A dynamic high school-college partnership College readiness in teaching and learning
  • Literacy, numeracy, and college knowledge
  • Student support
Data driven decision making Collaborative professional development


What are the advantages of Gateway Middle College?

Participation in Gateway Middle College affords students the opportunity to take courses for college credit, tuition free. These credits may be able to transfer. In the upper grades, Gateway will provide an “open campus,” in addition to the traditional setting of courses offered at the college’s campus. This allows students total access to our facilities, such as our library, computer labs, and student services.

What are the roles of parents and guardians?

At Gateway, we believe firmly what many studies have confirmed: Family involvement is a critical element of student success. Parents and families play an important role in our program. A family member may choose to help out in a classroom, on a field trip, make phone calls or help out with mailings. Our staff encourages family involvement and looks forward to build meaningful relationships with students and their families. Keeping our families informed and involved leads to meaningful discussions pertaining to each student’s future endeavors.


Courses Offered

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Sociology
General Psychology I
Minorities in the U.S
Social Problems
African American History
Fundamentals of Human Communication
American Government
Keyboarding I
Web Design
Digital Video Art
Introduction to Business

Gateway Middle College Partnerships

James Hillhouse High School

New Haven Academy

Co-Op High School