Nondiscrimination Policy
Gateway Community College is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination. Please click here to read about it.

GCC is committed to promoting equal access to education for students with disabilities in an environment that respects and values their differences and encourages self-advocacy and self-determination. Check student’s rights for more information.

Minimum SAP Standards for Undergraduate/College Now Students

  • To be eligible for student financial aid, students taking a college course must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. SAP standards are not the same at every college and university. Every institution is required to post their SAP standards on their website. Gateway’s SAP Standards can be found on our Financial Aid webpage. You should contact the institution you plan to attend for more information.
  • To be eligible for federal, state, and some types of institutional financial aid, students must meet SAP standards. Each higher education institution has established guidelines (based on federal regulations) for evaluating academic progress, taking into consideration the cumulative college GPA and the cumulative number of credit hours attempted and completed without withdrawing or failing.
  • Withdrawing from or failing a College Now course can result in reduced funds or ineligibility for financial aid if attending Gateway after high school graduation. The SAP standards at Gateway Community College state, “Students must successfully complete a minimum of 67% of their cumulative attempted hours AND maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA.”
  • All attempted courses with an earned academic grade are included in SAP calculation. Courses marked with “F” or “W” (withdrawal) are considered courses attempted, although not successfully completed. Too many Fs or Ws will affect financial aid eligibility.

Example of SAP Scenarios

The student attempted 6 credit hours (typically 2 College Now courses). Out of the 6 credit hours attempted, the student successfully completed a total of 3 hours (50% of the coursework attempted), meaning he/she passed one College Now course, but withdrew from the second course (the other 3 hours), which resulted in a “W” on the transcript. The student did NOT meet the minimum SAP standards because he/she did not pass 67% of all credits attempted.
  2. The student earned an “F” in a 3-credit-hour course (typically one College Now course). He/she did NOT meet the minimum SAP standards because the GPA fell below 2.0 for the semester.

Students have a college transcript if one or more College Now courses were taken. When it comes time to apply for financial aid, the cumulative academic history will be evaluated prior to each term's financial aid disbursement.
At Gateway Community College, if students have not maintained (or do not maintain while in college) the minimum SAP requirements, they will be placed on warning for one academic semester. Students who do not meet SAP standards in the subsequent semester, become ineligible for aid. It is important to understand that grades earned in a high school College Now course can impact the ability to receive financial aid once transitioned to a traditional Gateway Community College student.

If a student becomes ineligible for financial aid due to grades earned while in the College Now program, please contact the Gateway Financial Aid Office to discuss possible options.