Whom at my school should I see about the GCC College Career Pathways (CCP) Program? The person most knowledgeable is your College Career Pathways school representative.
May I enroll for GCC College Career Pathways credit any time? No. Each semester there is a deadline stipulated in the enrollment timeline table. You must enroll by the appropriate deadline.
How many GCC College Career Pathways credit hours may I accumulate? The GCC College Career Pathways Program does not put a cap on the number of credits a high school student can earn.
If in the second semester I decide that I would like college credit for a first semester course (e.g., Introduction to Food Principles) in which I was not enrolled, may I enroll retroactively? No. Students are only eligible to get credits for courses they registered for within the enrollment timeline, and passed by the end of the term.
What should I do if I move out of the area and cannot complete my GCC College Career Pathways class? You must complete a GCC College Career Pathways Drop/Withdrawal Form, which you can obtain from your school CCP representative. Failure to complete and submit this form will result in a grade of “F” on your transcript.
Will I have to take the college’s final exam? If there is a departmental exam given to on-campus students, you will have to take the same exam or a slightly modified version of the exam. The grade you earn will be figured into your final grade. Your CCP school representative and teachers know which classes require GCC final exams.
When I complete a College Career Pathways class, how will my grade be recorded by GCC? Your grade will be recorded on an official GCC transcript.
If I decide to attend GCC after I graduate from high school, will my GCC College Career Pathways courses count? Definitely.
Will my GCC College Career Pathways grades be figured into my GPA by the college or university I attend? Yes, your GCC College Career Pathways grades will be figured into your GPA if you attend GCC, and may be factored into your GPA by some 4-year institutions. Other 4-year institutions do not figure the GCC College Career Pathways or any transfer grades into the GPA until graduation. Sometimes students mistakenly assume that if their grades are not immediately averaged into their GPA at 4-year institutions, then their credits do not transfer. In reality, the GPA and the transfer of credits are two separate topics.
Will my credits transfer to colleges and universities other than GCC? Each institution sets its own policy for accepting transfer credits. Students are strongly advised to check with the institution into which they plan to transfer to inquire about credit transferability. Since the official transcript is the only way receiving institutions can determine the transferability of GCC College Career Pathways credits, it is imperative that students, upon graduation from high school, request GCC to send official copies to the institutions they are planning to attend.
If I attend a college or university other than GCC, how do I get my GCC transcript sent there? Complete a transcript request form, available at College Transcripts, and follow the steps to request your transcript be sent to another university.
Before enrolling for GCC College Career Pathways credit, should I call or write the university I plan to attend and ask if my credits will transfer?

When transferring credits, be prepared to present the course outline or syllabus and a portfolio of major class assignments for every GCC course you wish to transfer, in case someone at your intended college or university needs more detailed information before accepting the credit.

When calling another university to check transferability you might say, “I would like to get a feel for college coursework and am planning to take a 3-hour culinary class at Gateway Community College. Before I enroll, I want to be sure the credits will transfer to your institution. I can read you the course description…” Always document the name of the person with whom you speak and request written verification of the credit transfer, perhaps in an email, if a university employee states that the GCC credits will transfer.

Another option is to get a copy of the course catalog from the college or university you plan to attend. Look for the section called “transfer of credits”, or something similar. If any of the following statements are made, then GCC College Career Pathways credits probably will not be accepted:

  • Classes must have been taken on a college campus.
  • Classes must have been taught by a college faculty member.
  • Classes must not have counted for both high school and college credit.
Will earning college credits while in high school have any effect on college scholarship possibilities? It could. For example, at some colleges, if you have earned 12 college credits, your college GPA rather than your high school GPA will be used in awarding scholarships. It is also possible that your scholarship or financial aid could be impacted if you drop or withdrawal from GCC College Career Pathways classes. For further information, contact the Financial Aid office of the college or university you plan to attend.