Associate in Science

Students enrolled in the Computer Science Technology program receive a broad programming background, including training in operating systems, C++ programming, JAVA programming, Visual Basic, Web Page Design, SQL, microcomputer software packages, and networking. Using industry-oriented applications, students have the opportunity to design, write, and test programs in a variety of programming languages and use various operating systems' languages. Furthermore, this course introduces different types of networks and networking that allow users to share hardware, software, and information.

The Computer Science Technology program allows students to design much of their technical curriculum based on their unique goals. Students may take a broad variety of courses or prepare for such specific technical careers as application programmers, programmer analysts, systems analysts, systems programmers, net administrators, or computer network specialists. 



The Computer Science Certificate program provides students with requisite skills for entry-level positions. The program is especially suited to those who wish to gain more marketable or updated skills. 


Stacy Walker
Program Coordinator
(203) 285-2462



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