Phase 3 update from Dr. Brown

Monday, July 27, 2020

Fellow Educators,

The health and safety of Gateway Community College are two of our foundational priorities.  The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us in ways we have not confronted before, and I am incredibly impressed (and proud, quite frankly) of how the college has responded through transitioning and transforming our operations to more digital, distance and virtual delivery that continues to educate and serve our students.

Consistent with federal, state and system protocols and guidelines, the college has implemented a phased reopening of our campus facilities.  The latest, Phase 2, is focused on how we would bring staff and others serving students directly back to campus in a safe and responsible manner.  

The college has prepared a Phase 3 plan, which is focused on bringing students back to campus; it has been submitted to President Coley for preliminary review.  At this point, we are also sharing it with the college to:

1) Provide everyone with more detailed communication about what you can expect at the beginning of the semester;

2) Share the numerous measures we have taken to prepare the campus; and

3) Provide guidance to the college community on how to respond if we are faced with a COVID-related incident.

We invite you to review this latest draft of our Phase 3 plan and to provide feedback.  Please send your feedback to Jill McDowell, Interim Dean of Administration and Institutional Effectiveness, no later than noon on Wednesday, July 29.  

Please accept my apologies for the short notice, but we submitted this draft to President Coley this past Friday, July 24, and there is a short turnaround time to submit this to CSCU for approval in time for the planned effective date of August 10.  

I'd like to thank Interim Dean McDowell, her staff and the Gateway Community College Leadership Team for their thoughtful and very responsive work on this.  I'd also like to thank Sheila Solernou (Allied Health) and Sarah Chambers (Early Learning Center) for their specific consultations and contributions to this plan, as well as all staff and faculty who have already contributed their thoughts and ideas. 

William (Terry) Brown, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer