Pass/Fail, Credit/No-credit Option

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dear Students,

I know that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented a new set of challenges in the pursuit of your education and want you to know that we are doing everything in our power to help you succeed.

I am pleased to report that, under the direction of the President of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, Mark Ojakian, all Connecticut Community Colleges have adopted a new pass/fail (credit/no-credit) procedure for the spring semester.

This means that students will have the option to convert any of their spring 2020 semester grades from a letter grade to a Pass (credit for the course) or Fail (no credit for the course) grade so that the courses do not affect your GPA (grade point average).

For details on how this works, and more information please visit the
Spring 2020 Grade Conversion website.

I hope that the availability of the option gives you some peace of mind as you approach the end of the spring semester.

Be well,

Thomas Coley, Ph.D
Acting President, Gateway Community College
Regional President, CSCU Shoreline West