Blackboard Support For Students

Navigate to and follow these steps below:

Enter Your NetID

Consists of 8 digits, followed by

Enter Your NetID Password

(if it is the first time logging on, please see instructions below)
The first three characters of birth month, e.g. May (please note: first letter is capitalized)
Ampersand character = &
The last four digits of social security number
*E.g. of initial password = May&1234


If you know your password:
Navigate to and follow instructions.

If you remember your email:
Navigate to and follow instructions.

If you remember your security Q & A:
Navigate to and follow instructions.


The Help Desk is available to students, 24 hours, 365 days per year. You can call for help with password resets.

Phone: (860)-723-0221
Website: (live chat and email available)

Click on “Discussions” link (see photo on the right)
Choose which discussion forum you would like to create a thread for
Click “Create Thread” (see photo below)

Enter your submission or attach your file.
“Submit” your thread



In the discussion forum, find the student that you would like to reply to. Under their post, you will notice a “Reply” button (see photo below). Click on this, write your “Message”, and select “Submit.”

Click on “Course Content” or assignments area
Click the name of the assignment
Attach the file you would like to submit (using “Browse My computer”)
Select “Submit”

After locating the test, click on “Begin”.
Note: Save Answers as you answer them.
When you are finished with the test, click on “Save and Submit.”
Note: if the test has a timer, you may be closed out of the test before you finish. Please pay attention to the timer, if applicable.

To view your grades, use the “My Grades” link in the course menu on Blackboard.
Please see example below:

Your grades will be submitted under, “Grade.” * Please Note: An exclamation mark, means your submission has to be graded.

After logging on to myCommNet, click on “ Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service.” Choose an appropriate college, if prompted.
Click on the “Student Records” tab.
Next, click on “Grades/Registration History.”
View your grades.