Web Development Certificate

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This fast-paced professional certification program is designed to teach ‘in demand’ web development skills including PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. This non-credit Web Development Certificate program prepares students for professional web developer careers, including those who are interested in developing functional aspects of websites including database integration, programming, and other server-side components.

Gain the skills to develop, debug and maintain code on commercial websites 33 Design, query and optimize relational databases 33 Utilize version control systems and cloud computing resources.

Prerequisites for this course include: GED or High School Diploma, experience with computer software and a demonstrated competency in computer literacy, math, logic and reasoning. Courses include: HTML & CSS3, JavaScrip & Query, PHP & MSQL, Web Applications.

For additional information available online or in person, please contact Victoria Dancy (203) 285-2128 or vdancy@gwcc.commnet.edu.

Course schedule and additional information