What does this office do?

The Center for Students and Families provides integrated support services for financially and academically challenged students who are at risk of not completing their course of studies towards a degree or certificate program.

How can I benefit from the Center for Students & Families?

The services offered to students through the Center for Students and Families are intended to improve your chances of being academically successful at the college level.

What Financial Support Services are available to help Students stay in school? 

Extremely Limited Financial Support Services may include: Emergency Financial Assistance for things such as rent, utilities, and transportation; Pre-Screening for Public Benefits; medical and dependent care; and financial literacy opportunities.

With whom does this office share Students' personal information?

Information collected in the Center for Students and Families is governed under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The CSF will keep your information private and confidential to the extent of the law. Your information may be shared with other staff in the Student Success Center, when necessary, to provide you with services. A release of information must be signed for us to disclose your information to outside referral sources. Exceptions are made when there is a threat to personal safety or the safety of others.

Can this office help a Student find a job?

The Center for Students and Families collaborates with the Office of Career Services to locate employers who are hiring for positions. The CSF confers with the Financial Aid Office to determine a student’s eligibility for a work-study job.

What can Students expect from the Center for Students & Families?

Students will get as much from the Center for Students and Families as they put into it! By fulfilling their academic obligations as students, making positive choices, and taking advantage of other services offered through the CSF, Students can expect to achieve better grades, earn a college degree or training certificate, stabilize their finances, begin to build financial self-sufficiency for themselves and their families, and begin a path to a successful career.