Connecticut Talent Assistance Cooperative (CONNTAC)

The mission of CONNTAC is to promote and expand equal educational access and opportunity for Connecticut residents. CONNTAC advocates issues and provides support services for residents from low-income, first-generation educational backgrounds to give them reasonable, realistic opportunities to succeed and be empowered socially and economically.


The specific program services include but are not limited to:

  • Helping adults enroll in college
  • Helping students with their financial aid and scholarship search process
  • Providing admissions application fee waivers for eligible participants
  • Helping residents who are in default of a student loan
  • Helping participants make realistic career choices
  • Awarding an annual scholarship targeted to low-income, first-generation college-bound students who have overcome tremendous obstacles to pursue their education.


Eligibility is determined by the CONNTAC-Educational Opportunity Center Counselor.  Call the Student Success Center, Room N213, to make an appointment (203) 285-2090. Please visit the CONNTAC website for more information.

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For Admissions Application Fee Waivers, assistance with Financial Aid, and more, contact:

Imani Smith


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