Senator Blumenthal Attends BioTech Round Table at GCC

Saturday, April 2, 2016
On Thursday, March 24, 2016, Gateway Community College (GCC) hosted a Biotechnology round table discussion with industry and education leaders. Senator Richard Blumenthal was in attendance to highlight job creation and innovation in the BioTech field. The event was spearheaded by the Senator’s office in order to join industry representatives with academics to discuss collaborations and future job prospects for students. Members of the panel included:
  • Ian Canning, Nick Edginton and Todd Ryder of SCSU
  • Todd Arnold of Mt. Sinai
  • Yale Professor Rong Fan of IsoPlexis
  • Yu-Hui Rogers of Jackson Labs
  • Irene Rios-Knauf of Naugatuck Valley Community College
  • Michelle L. Kraczkowski of Middlesex Community College
“I am convening some of the best minds and leaders in the biotech world to find the best way forward for this vital industry. With collaboration between the federal government and the private sector in new legislation, I am confident Connecticut’s biotech field will continue to thrive,” said Blumenthal. 
Members of the round table discussed various concerns regarding adjustments that need to be made in order to support students enrolled in academic institutions so they are able to graduate without overwhelming debt. Senator Blumenthal and panelists also espoused the continued investment of STEM education and its vitality to creating an effective and skillful workforce. Suggestions also came from the panel that academic institutions should communicate with corporate industry experts and allow them to evaluate the curriculum and see if it fits the needs of the respective fields. Overall, a general consensus was reached that Investments from public and private funding will simplify the work that needs to be done and collaboration between academic agencies and corporate companies will benefit the future of Connecticut’s workforce.