GCC President Unveils Official College Seal

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gateway Community College President, Dorsey L. Kendrick proudly unveiled a new, official academic college seal at the college’s annual Awards Convocation last Thursday (May 19) as a precursor to the college’s upcoming 25th Year Celebrations.

“With this seal, we join the ranks of other fine academic institutions who have an official mark of their mission and values. Aren’t you excited?” Kendrick asked the faculty, staff and students who were there to give and receive accolades for their hard work throughout the academic year. “Next year, Gateway Community College, as we know it, will be 25 years old, and this new seal commemorates our past and our future as a part of the celebration.”

GCC director of public affairs, Evelyn Gard, who joined Kendrick for the unveiling, explained the symbolism on the new seal, which depicts an open book flanked by elm leaves on either side, rays of sun behind it and the Latin words para te,(be prepared) persevera in coeptis (persevere in the task)  and prosperabitur (succeed). The seal is encircled by a blue band that has the name of the college above and New Haven, Connecticut below. 

“The symbolism on this seal signifies our history and our future,” explained Gard. “The book signifies access to knowledge; the sun signifies light and a bright future; the elm leaves represent our home and our roots and the blue circle around, which is in our college color, represent all that we have in common and our shared mission.”

Beginning this year, the new seal will be embossed on all diplomas and be incorporated into all official documents. “We will continue to use our familiar logo with the swirls,” said Gard. “It is the branding by which so many know us, so it will continue to be on letterhead and informational and marketing materials.”

The seal, which was conceptualized by Gard and her colleagues, Christina Rivera and Amy Defigueiredo, was designed by GCC Graphics major, Kieran Howarth with the help of his digital graphics professor, Dawn Brucale. “We are grateful to Kieran and Professor Brucale for bringing this design to fruition,” said Gard. “He’s a remarkable and talented artist and cartoonist.” 

Howarth, whose wife Susan graduates with GCC’s Class of 2016 with honors, was 90% visually impaired for most of his life until an new procedure (albeit with an uncertain outcome) allowed him to regain enough of his vision to allow him to work as a cartoonist and illustrator, and to complete his college education. 

 “We are fortunate to have such talented students,” said Kendrick. “Kieran’s talent will forever be a part of Gateway’s history. He embodies what the seal is all about—being prepared, perseverance and success!”

Gateway Community College Seal will make its public debut at the college’s 24th Commencement ceremony, May 26, where it will appear on a new mace and academic medal.