City of New Haven Honors GCC President with City Spirit Recognition

Thursday, May 4, 2017
The City of New Haven honored Gateway Community College President Dorsey L. Kendrick at their 379th Birthday Celebration, May 25, entitled Tradition, Innovation and Idealism!  

In a citation by the Honorable Mayor Toni N. Harp, President Kendrick was touted as a “scholar, administrator and visionary… but most importantly at teacher, who in the words of e.e. cummings, ‘is a part of all that she has touched and all that touch her’.”
City officials celebrated Dr. Kendrick’s contributions to the New Haven community, citing the opening of the 20 Church Street campus in 2012 as a turning point in the landscape of the community and “exemplifies the lifelong pursuit of social justice through knowledge that defines the content of this determined, empathic and always-forceful leader’s life mission.”