Time Management Students Honored

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seven GCC students were honored at a certificate ceremony for their completion of the Time Management series presented by John Vincze, director of Business and Industry Services. The ceremony was hosted by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs; the course was part of the Academic Success Workshops.

Katy Barnett, Jonathan Clarke, Anita Cotton, Fred Tucker, Maxine Sumrell, Diane Vincent, and Spenta Menraban received certificates, as well as a Franklin Covey Planner. Vincze also presented students with two small pieces of glass, one that looked like a diamond in the rough, and the other like a small diamond.

Roberta Prior, director of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs, said Vincze told the students that they arrive at Gateway as a diamond in the rough but as they grow and develop and learn here, they buff themselves up, so that one day they will shine like a new diamond.

Vincze said the tokens were “a reminder of their abilities and possibilities.”

The workshop focused on setting priorities, using a day planner and learning to manage time well. Vincze encouraged students to consider deeper questions:  Where are you heading? What do you hope to achieve and how do you plan to get there? One of their tasks was to fill out the planner in 20 minute increments every day.

Vincze said the workshop closely aligned with what GCC President Dorsey L. Kendrick tells students all the time. “Dr. Kendrick encourages students to keep their eyes on the prize, to look toward graduation and the actions they have to take, the work they have to do to get there,” Vincze said.  “Time management is laying a foundation, learning not just for today but developing a habit that people can rely on throughout their lives.”