OLAS Raises Money for Hurricane Sandy Fund

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) held a bake sale and raised $375 for the Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy Relief fund in November. OLAS President Nellyanne Rios wanted to thank the Gateway community for their generous support. “The members of our club all baked but we also had faculty members who baked and donated baked goods,” Rios said.

Rios said she and other group members had friends and classmates at Gateway who were affected by the storm. Some living in Milford and East Haven lost belongings and some lost their homes. “This time it wasn’t something that had happened far away but right here,” she said. “We needed to help.”

In December, OLAS members painted the faces of children who attended GCC’s annual Holiday Dinner for Neighbors in Need. “It left quite an impression on me,” she said. “We were doing something so small, face painting, and they were so happy.  By the end of the night I had glitter all over me; it was great.” She said OLAS plans to hold more events in the new semester.  “We are always looking for ways to contribute and to help wherever we can,” she said.