GCC Graphic Design Student Earns $40K Scholarship

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A student artist at Gateway Community College (GCC) has earned admission and a $40,000 scholarship to the  Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford based on the merit of his artwork submitted to a professional jury and the school’s admissions committee.

Colt Allen, 18, of West Haven, who will complete his associate’s degree studies in graphic design at the conclusion of the spring term at GCC, says he plans to enroll in the West Hartford art college either this fall or for the spring 2019 academic term.

In December Allen submitted three of his works (a sculpture and two sketches) to the school as part of his application for admission to the art school. A bust fashioned by Allen for a sculpture class taught by Gateway Professor Susan Reinhart was accepted for inclusion in the Hartford Art School’s annual Community exhibition, which included work ranging from sculptures, large paintings and ceramics to photography.

Allen reacted to the scholarship award with “a mixture of relief and gratitude,” he says. “Relief that a substantial financial burden had been lifted off my shoulders — and so grateful for the opportunity.”

Professionally Allen hopes to forge a career in the field of concept design, especially working with 3D projects.