Free Income Tax Prep for GCC Students

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

In cooperation with the IRS and New Financial Life Corporation of New Haven, Gateway Community College (GCC) offered their annual free 2016 Federal and CT income tax preparation to students with an income below $54,000. This year, the number of students that participated in the program increased by 4.5%, reaching a total of 531 accepted returns with a total federal refund amount of $997, 910.  

“They did a great job,” said Thomas Ocasio, a student who participated in the program. Other students mentioned that the staff was helpful and made the process extremely easy and straight forward. When asked if they would participate in the program again next year, the response was an overwhelming “yes."

Tax preparation is done by several volunteers and interns under the supervision by the professional faculty and staff of GCC and New Financial Life Corporation of New Haven.