Dedicated Nursing Student Receives Peer Recognition Award

Monday, February 12, 2018

Leadership, accountability, commitment, mentorship, compassion: these are all characteristics that future nurses should embody. Jayson Karamanlic, a student in GCC’s nursing program, exemplifies all of these characteristics, and then some. In November 2017, Karamanlic was awarded the CT League for Nursing RN Peer Recognition Award. Originally from Nashua, New Hampshire, Karamanlic followed his passion for healthcare, which brought him to Connecticut for an EMT program. Upon completing his prerequisites at Southern Connecticut State University, he enrolled at GCC as a nursing student. Karamanlic's was the first nursing class to transition from GCC's former Long Wharf campus to the new downtown location. More than five years later, he is almost ready to graduate and begin his career as a practicing nurse. 

Karamanlic was honored, but also humbled to learn he was the recipient of the award. 

“Accepting this award was my way of giving back to my peers," he said. "Of course I was flattered to win such a prestigious award, but I more-so accepted it for the entire nursing class of 2018. They have been with me every step of the way; we’re truly like a family, so it just validates further that I’m in the right profession. This is our award, I want them to know that.” 

Although the vote was anonymous, one of Karamanlic’s peers, Alison Nacca, stepped forward and confirmed why Jayson deserved the award. “He would help absolutely anyone in need at any given moment," she said. "If presented with a hurdle, he looks at what can be done to rectify the situation. He exudes every quality a nurse should have. I say these things not only because he is my best friend, but because he is a friend to all. Jayson gives himself completely to those close to him and the people he cares for.”  

Karamanlic credits a great deal of his success not only to the GCC nursing program as a whole, but also to the warm and welcoming environment of the school. He attests, “A lot of the time, you can find me by the rooftop garden studying with my classmates and you see kids laughing, studying, playing the guitar; it makes you feel so welcome and passionate about what you’re doing here. The wall of wisdom stands out to me as one of the GCC’s best features. I can be so stressed and drained from studying, but then I look up at all of these quotes from some of the most influential people and it really pushes you to succeed. Without the resources, support from my peers, and the family camaraderie, I truly don’t think I would be where I am today, and for that I am grateful.”