The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) promulgated a rule which requires employers to take certain steps to protect employees identified as having actual or potential exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials in the workplace. You have been identified as a member of this group. Federal regulation mandates that you receive this training. You must complete a training session in order to be considered for future employment at the college. The annual training will last about one hour. Training is located at the following website: You will need your designated key number that you received in your initial email from Human Resources.

In compliance with the OSHA standard, the College has put in place an Exposure Control Plan. This includes, where applicable, procedures for handling contaminated “sharpes” (needles, etc.), for hand-washing, housekeeping, labeling, post exposure evaluation and follow-up, and teaching.

Please complete the forms listed below. As an employee in the protected group, you will be offered the 3-part hepatitis B vaccine at no cost to you. In order for the three doses of vaccine to be effective, they must be administered within a strict time frame (#1 initial dose; #2 one month later; #3 six months after #1). The College will make arrangements so that subsequent vaccines can be administered timely. If you have previously declined the vaccination or have begun the series but have not yet completed it, and now wish to receive it, or have any questions regarding training please contact Human Resources at (203) 285-2537.