Unknown or untested software does not always work the way we expect it to work. Frequently, there are software conflicts between programs that reside on the same computer. This is especially relevant in an academic environment, where we utilize more than 100 software packages in combinations that the publishers never imagined or anticipated. To ensure the best possible classroom experience, all new software is to be tested before it is installed. By performing thorough testing before classroom installations, the number of potential problems that may be encountered can be significantly reduced.
Software testing computers are provided in room N313—one Dell PC and one Macintosh PC. Our software request procedure provides a framework for instructors to request the installation of new software in advance of using it in the classrooms.
Please remember, the entire process can take several weeks to complete and includes:
  • Successful testing of the software in the test environment
  • Purchasing the software media and licensing
  • Preparing the new classroom image
  • Deploying the image to the room.
Shareware, trial, or demo software will not be installed in any classroom environment. Software that the college is not licensed for will not be installed in any classroom environment. 
To request an installation of a software application, the faculty member in question must fill out a form called “Faculty Software Request”, which is provided to all department chairs and Deans in advance of each semester. This form must be submitted by the following dates:
Fall semester—May 1
Spring semester—November 15
Summer session—April 1
In the event an off-cycle software request is needed, the request can be submitted using the software request form, then by sending the form to
gw-helpdesk @gwcc.commnet.edu.
Verbal requests to install software will not be accepted. 
Once the request has been submitted, the IT Department will load a copy of the software to the test environment in room N313. Upon successful completion of software testing, the software and licensing will be purchased. For purchases under $10,000, the IT Department will fund the request. For purchases larger than this amount, funding will have to be discovered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that the purchase process may take up to four (4) weeks. 
The IT Department will not install an unlicensed or demo software product on any college computer except those designated for testing purposes. If for any reason your request has been received after the due date, the request will be deferred and it will delay the installation of the software for up to three (3) weeks after class starts. When software is installed, it shall be installed on all computers in an area. Installations on partial sets or rooms of computers have proven to be problematic both for classroom functionality and for support.
With your cooperation in following this software request procedure, our department will fulfill its goal of providing our students, faculty, and staff a high level of customer service.