Computer & Printer Access 

All computers, printers, tablets, and phones are the property of Gateway Community College and the State of Connecticut. The use of this equipment is governed by the policies and laws of the College, the CSCU system, and the State of Connecticut. 
All full-time faculty and staff are provided with a desktop computer so they may perform their work. A laptop may be provided in lieu of a desktop computer, but is subject to approval by the respective Dean. Employees will not be issued both a laptop and a desktop computer, except in unusual circumstances, and subject to the approval of the respective Dean. 
All part-time employees have access to computers. In most cases, this access will be from shared computers in the part-time employee's respective department. Part-time faculty have computer access through the part-time faculty offices that are set up for each department in the college. 
Departmental or shared printers are available for every department. Copiers are available in all departments. Color printing is available in centralized, shared locations for each department. Toners for all printers shall be purchased by the Information Technology department, and the inventory shall be kept in the IT Department.
Ink-jet printers will not be purchased nor supported by the college under any circumstances.

Computer & Equipment Requests

Requests for additional equipment (computers, laptops, printers, etc.) are typically processed through the annual budget planning process. The Director of Information Technology, or designee, will review campus inventory reports to determine the aging of equipment and when it should be replaced. 
All equipment requests are to be given to the Director of Information Technology no later than March 31 so that the requests may be included in the next fiscal year planning process. Requests will be prioritized based on the need of the functional area, and on what the campus budget will allow to be purchased. 
Out-of-cycle requests will be accepted, but are not guaranteed to be honored until the next budget cycle due to budgetary constraints. Computers, laptops, and printers that are already installed or used in a department need not be included in equipment requests, as they are accounted for when the Director of Information Technology makes the annual assessment of college technology equipment. 
All technology equipment has defined lifecycles, based on the type of equipment and the usage of the equipment. The Director and College will use industry standard lifecycles to assist in determining equipment replacements.

Equipment Loans

We provide short-term and long-term loans of equipment for faculty and staff who go to conferences or other college-related events. Long-term loans require approval of the respective Dean and Department Chair or Director. Computers and technology equipment given out for loan are to be used for college-related business only.
Please contact the Information Technology Department for further details.