General Information

Refunds are automatically paid by check to the student at the end of the official Add/Drop period, after financial aid has been dispersed, unless the student directs the Bursar's Office otherwise. Checks are processed in Hartford and mailed to the student's permanent mailing address on file at the Records Office. Please verify your address when reducing your course load.

Courses Cancelled by the College

If the College cancels a course, a full refund of all charges (except Application Fee) will be issued, unless the student selects a replacement course. Students who don’t select a replacement course will be sent a refund check via mail within forty-five (45) days.

Return of Title IV Funds

The College maintains a fair and equitable refund policy as mandated by the U.S. Department of Education regulations. These refund and repayment rules apply only to students who withdraw completely and/or otherwise fail to complete the current period of enrollment. Please refer to the appropriate section in this catalog or speak with a Financial Aid Officer for more details.

Armed Service Enlistment

One hundred percent (100%) refund of Tuition and Fees will be granted to any student who enters the Armed Services before earning degree credit in any semester, provided that he/she submits, in writing, a notice of withdrawal and a certified copy of enlistment papers.

Policy Appeal Procedures

Students are required to officially drop/withdraw prior to submitting an appeal. Appeals will only be considered for the following extraordinary circumstances: severe illness documented by a physician’s certificate, documented administrative error by the college, or military transfer documented by a copy of transfer orders. The following circumstances will not be considered: changes in employment situation, inability to transfer course, normal illness, transportation issues, poor decision or change of mind by the student regarding course selection, or dissatisfaction with course content or instructor.


All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Refund Appeals Coordinator and include Banner I.D., contact information, and appropriate documentation. Appeals must be received within ten (10) days of the official withdrawal date of the course to be considered. Please fill out the attached Tuition Refund Appeal Form and mail or email the completed form to:

Refund Appeals Coordinator
Gateway Community College Business Office
20 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510
or e-mail