How to Sign Up

This exam costs a total of $35.50.

  1. Complete the Application
    Download the application linked on the right-hand column of this page.
  2. Pay the Application Fee
    Go to the Business Office (N216) and pay the college fee for the exam ($15). Make sure you save your receipt and have the proof of payment stamped on your application. You will bring this to your exam.
  3. Purchase your Testing Code (approximately $20.50)
    * Purchase a MyITLab credit by examination student code from the Bookstore, or follow these steps to set up an account and purchase a code
    * Purchase a code directly form the MyITLab website at the time of the exam using a credit card or PayPal. Step-by-step instructions will be handed out at the time of the exam.
  1. Reserve a spot using our online reservation system
    Click the title above, or in the right column, to sign up online. 
  2. Go to the College for the Exam
    Show up for the examination at the scheduled time (bring your MyITLab code (if already purchased) and the stamped Application form with you)

    Please take note: Students should arrive at least ten (10) minutes prior to the exam for course setup. Students who arrive 15 minutes or more after the scheduled exam time will need to reschedule to take the exam at a later date in the semester. 

  3. Get your results
    You will get the results of your test on the day of the exam. All results are reported to the Registrar (either pass or fail). A passing score is 70 on the exam.

Scope of the Exam

This exam reflects the full range of material covered in the CSC101 and CSA 105 courses. There are four (4) sections in the test:

  1. Computer concepts (hardware, software, the Internet, and file management)
  2. Microsoft Word 2013
  3. Microsoft Excel 2013
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Reference Material

The book used in this course is on reserve in the library. It can also be checked out for short periods of time. The title of the book is Introduction to Computers and Software Applications, and is a custom edition for Gateway Community College.

Format of the Exam

This exam is administered entirely on the computer. All portions of the exam consist of multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in questions. The exam is timed to a maximum of 2 hours.

Credit Information

Three credits for either CSC 101 or CSA 105 are awarded for successful completion of the exam. However, these credits are designated as Transfer credits on the transcript, and thus are not accepted by most other colleges and universities upon transfer.

Repeat Policy

The credit-by-exam may be taken only once, and no re-testing is available.


Issues with the Pearson code or computer issues should be resolved by contacting MyITLab support at (800) 677-6337, Monday thru Friday, 12pm-8pm. 


Register Online for Your Test Session!

We only accept online reservations for the credity by exam testing.  Please read the instructions to the left to ensure all payment and signatures have been acquired before you attend your session.


Credit by Exam Application

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