Please consult the Gateway Community College catalog for current policies on Assessment of Non-Traditional Learning. Credit may be awarded based on:

Assessment By Examination (Credit by Exam)

Gateway credit only to address graduation requirements.

Contact: Stacy Walker or register online for an exam. Contact the Academic Department directly to inquire about other Credit by Exam opportunities.

Transferability: Credits do not transfer, but address Gateway graduation requirements only.

The CES does not proctor Credit By Exams.

Prior Learning Assessment

Assessment of college-level learning outside of the traditional classroom. Program is administered through a partnership with Charter Oak State College.

Contact: Leigh Roberts in Career Services for details.

Transferability: Gateway awards credits that transfer to other institutions.

Previously Evaluated Training

Includes training by military and by professional organizations and associations.

Contact: The Admissions Office to petition for credit of previously evaluated train programs.

Transferability: Credits may not transfer to other institutions, as each college evaluates credits independently.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Credits through College Board "CLEP" Exams may be taken to assess prior learning.  

Contact: Exam results are submitted to the Admissions Office. See the CLEP website for location and costs of the CLEP exam.

Transferability: Credits awarded do not typically transfer from one institution to the next. CLEP Exam results are to be submitted to each individual college or university.

Assessment by Portfolio

Prior learning that satisfies the requirements for a course in the college catalog may be demonstrated by a structured portfolio submission.  

Contact: Kellie Danso in Career Services

Transferability: Gateway awards credit college courses which may transfer to other colleges and universities.