New Student Orientation (NSO)

Welcome to Gateway Community College (GCC)!  We are delighted that you have chosen Gateway to further your education. Attending college for the first time takes some transitioning, which is where we come in. We are here to support you every step of the way and have created a host of videos below to ensure you know how to navigate and access key resources. Your focus should be on your academics, not on searching for resources, and we want to make sure you have every opportunity for success.

Click on each tile below, each will lead to a different video, which averages 6 minutes in length. If you have attended fast track or NSAR (New Student Advising & Registration), you may have viewed some of these videos, so feel free to bypass videos already viewed.

There are videos under the following categories:

  • Welcome & Campus Tour
  • Student Support & Academics
  • Financial Assistance
  • Student Involvement

**Be sure you have your GCC password/username or are logged in to view all videos**


Some videos may be muted automatically. Be sure it is unmuted so you can hear the information needed.


Dr. William T. Brown

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  Alese Mulvihill
Dean of Students

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  Campus Tour   Library Tour



Importance of the Syllabus

SQ3R System of Study

Don't Quit Inspirational Poem


Counseling & Wellness Center

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Student Accessibility Services

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Booking appointments for various departments in Student Affairs

(Registrar's Office, Admissions, and so forth)


Navigating your Blackboard Account


Managing classes & major/Degree Works






Financial Aid overview

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  Checking your Financial Aid status   Setting up a payment plan



Student Activity

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Need a Gateway Student ID? Click here:

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Interact With Student Activities:

We have created a group called GCC Student Activities with Kaizala which is part of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) Office 365 System. With the Kaizala App you can ask us questions through chat, receive alerts about upcoming events/activities and more. We encourage you to download the Kaizala app (which is free) and then click on the following link to join the group: