William T. Brown, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer

Monday, July 20, 2020
Fellow Educators:
We all look forward to welcoming all of our students back to our campuses-albeit in a COVID environment-and continuing to deliver on our mission of educating our students.  As we return to our modified work schedules we want  to provide staff and faculty with some reminders, guidance and expectations as we prepare for the fall semester.
As we stated when we shifted to tele-work (TW) this past spring semester: 
  • Employees must be available during their normal working hours as assigned by their supervisor or manager.
  • Employees must be responsive during their working day to inquiries from those for whom they provide support and services, as well as to their peers and managers as it relates to their role and job duties.
  • Employees must be fit for duty during their assigned working hours, in person or TW.
  • As most of the meetings will continue to be virtual, with video, employees are reminded to ensure they have proper attire, are focused on the meeting and manage any background interference properly so as not to disrupt meetings or their attention to the meeting.
  • As we return to the physical workplace on the limited basis that has been and/or soon will be communicated to you, we want to be clear on our expectations for on-campus assigned days for faculty and staff;
  • You may not substitute TW for any absence on your scheduled day. If you are unable to be present on campus for your assigned shift/lecture/lab/clinical or class instruction, normal reporting to your supervisor and/or manager is required and appropriate accrued time must be used as per policy.
For our faculty, office hours and counseling for students should, to the greatest extent possible, be conducted virtually since many faculty offices are too small to ensure proper social distancing (i.e., six feet).  The expectation is that you will post office hours, be available virtually, and are responsive to your students during those times.  Should you determine that there is a need to meet face-to-face with a student and do not have a space available to maintain social distancing, you may schedule a conference room or reach out to Facilities to locate an appropriate space.
I hope you find the above information helpful as we work through these challenging
times and to provide the best and safest possible educational experience for our students.
William (Terry) Brown, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer