The following organizations and agencies provide a cross section of services/resources to meet basic needs. Websites detail services and any qualifying criteria.

Beth-El Center

(203) 876-0747
90 New Haven Avenue, Milford, CT

  • 90-Day Shelter Program.  Call between 9:30am-2:30pm Monday through Friday.
  • No freeze shelter at 9pm when weather is below 32 degrees (8 cots only).

The Center for Students and Families (CSF)

(203) 285-2549
Room N214, Gateway Community College

  • CSF invites students needing essential financial support services to take advantage of various resources and activities designed to address your needs. 
  • Please visit their website for more information regarding how CSF can assist your housing needs.

Christian Community Action (CCA)

(203) 777-7848
168 Davenport Avenue, New Haven, CT

  • Offers emergency housing for families (must have at least one child).
  • CCA has made a food pantry available to families with children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities in the Hill section of New Haven. A one-time bag will be offered to those who either do not live in the Hill section or an individual whom does not have children.
  • Hillside Family Shelter:  (203) 777-7172, 166-168 Davenport Avenue, New Haven, CT

Columbus House

(203) 787-2016
586 Ella Grasso Boulevard, New Haven, CT

  • Overflow shelter located on 232 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT.

Continuum of Care, Inc.

(203) 562-2264 (Main Number)
(203) 401-2082 (Housing Number)
67 Trumbull Street, New Haven, CT

  • To become eligible for the housing program, student must have a referral from their clinician (mental health counselor).

Life Haven

(203) 776-6208
447 Ferry Street, New Haven, CT

  • Shelter for women with children and pregnant women.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)


  • SNAP helps people to buy and eat nutritious food. People access SNAP benefits by Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), a plastic swipe card that looks like a credit or debit card. If you are disabled and qualify for SNAP, you can designate another person to do food shopping with your SNAP card.
  • The rules for getting SNAP in Connecticut require that a person must be a resident of Connecticut whose income and countable assets (including motor vehicles, savings, checking, stocks, and bonds combined) are within set limits. Please visit website for details on eligibility.

Yale Off-Campus Living Website

Youth Continuum

(203) 777-8445
924 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT

  • Offers housing, emergency shelter, bus tokens, and educational and employment services for youth.
  • Student must be under age 23.