Campus wireless connectivity is available through the CSCU wireless system. In order to connect, the user must have a valid NetID account (generated automatically for students, faculty, and staff—the same user name and password used to log into college computers), a personal computer with up-to-date virus protection and patches, and a wireless card that is configured and functioning properly with its open-rating system.

Our campus wireless provides the same experience as using a broadband service from home. 

The CSCU Internet wireless network is broadcast throughout the downtown campus in public areas of the campus and needs little configuration to use.

Computer Requirements

Operating Systems    Preferred: Windows 7 or 8, Mac OSX 10.6 or later
Supported Browsers    Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.
Your computer must have a functioning wireless internet card (wireless G or N preferred).

Campus Wireless Access in Windows 7

Connecting your Computer to Wireless

Connection to wireless is a multi-step process.

Instructions for Accessing the Wi-Fi using Windows 7

1. Click on the wireless icon

2. You may see multiple wireless networks visible in the "Wireless network screen". The Gateway wireless network is identified as CSCU (or ConnSCU) Internet.


3. Click on this selection and then click the Connect button.


4. The following pop-up will be displayed:


5. Click on: Connect


6. This window will pop-up for few seconds:


7. Then it will open a new window that it will look like this:

In here, you will type your user name and password, the same way you log on to any campus computer.  
Then click: OK.

Upon successfully entering your NetID and password, you can now navigate the Internet.