The college utilizes Print Manager Plus to monitor printing in public areas of the college.
All students are given an allotment of 500 printer pages per semester, with a cap of 25 pages per print job. In the event you need additional pages, here is the procedure to request those pages. 
  • A college ID with their Banner number must be shown
  • 90% or more of the original allotment of pages must have been used
  • The initial replenishment is 100 pages. A single supplement of 100 pages is permitted. Additional supplements beyond the first supplement must be reviewed by the Director of Information Technology and the Director of Student Development for approval. Please use the attached form, which is also available in the Information Technology Office, room N323
  • Page allotments are not transferable from one student to another
  • Unused pages do not carry over to subsequent semesters. Each semester you attend classes, you are allotted 500 pages. This includes the Summer and Winter sessions.
There are no plans to charge students for printing. 
Please go to room N323 for printing assistance.