This program provides the opportunities for a high school junior or senior to experience college while still in high school. For a student to participate, his/her high school must have a partnership contract signed and on file with the college. The tuition and fees for students in this program are paid for by the Board of Regents and apply toward the General Fund credit classes only. Students are responsible to pay for books for the class. See your High School Guidance Counselor for more information.                                                    

High School Partnership (HSP) Program Brochure


Requirements of the Program

  • High School Partnerships is available to high school juniors and seniors in Gateway's service area towns and cities
  • The student must have an overall "B" average in high school
  • The student's guidance counselor must recommend the student for involvement in the program
  • The student is required to have High School Transcript, ACT or SAT scores, or take a placement exam to participate
  • The student must register on or after the designated High School Partnership date
  • Students are eligible for only one course per semester
  • All tuition and fees are waived for the course, however, students are responsible for books and transportation 
  • Students must successfully complete one course to continue the next semester 
  • The application process is required each semester.

What You Should Know

  • GCC and high school holidays and breaks may differ.
  •  High school students and Gateway students are held to the same academic and behavioral standards. Please see Student Handbook.
  • Although they don’t pay tuition, all high school students must purchase textbooks for the class they take at Gateway Community College.
  • High school students may only take one course per semester.
  • All HSP students must obtain a Gateway ID.
  • Students must wear the GCC photo ID at all times while on campus.

High School Partnership Students are Expected To:

  • Attend all scheduled classes.
  • Hand in all assignments on time and take all exams as scheduled.
  • Respect and obey the rules of the college and those of the professor. Schedule classes that do not conflict with their high school schedule.
  • Communicate any conflicts or issues to an ISSP Coordinator or high school counselor.

Contact Information

Public Schools:
Students should contact their guidance counselor
Gateway Community College:
Elizabeth Vega, Associate Director of Admissions, 203-285-2013,
Gateway Community College Admissions Office