Employees may now log into the payroll system and review up to two years of paychecks. New check/deposit advice data is updated on Thursday of each pay week. The instructions below will show you how to log into CORE, set up your password, reset utility, and view your paychecks and personal information.

It is recommended that all employees log onto CORE Self-Service, whether they receive an actual check or direct deposit. If you receive an actual check, you will continue to do so—this will not change! Employees who are on direct deposit no longer receive a direct deposit slip, which became effective on June 14, 2014. You will need to log onto CORE to see your direct deposit.

How to Find your Employee Number on Your Pay Stub—
this will be your user ID (6 digit number)


Your First-Time Password

This temporary password will reflect the first 4 letters of your last name (all in uppercase) + the last 4 digits of your SSN. If your last name is less than 4 letters use your entire last name. This temporary password will expire the first time it is used and you will be prompted to change it.

Name: Mary Jane Smith    
First time password: SMIT6789


Setting Password Recovery

About Pop-Up Blockers

Some employees have encountered difficulties when first attempting to view their pay check due to Pop-Up Blocker settings. Please contact Gateway's Information Technology (IT) Department at (203) 285-2040 for initial support. If you need additional assistance please have the GCC IT Dept. contact the CORE-CT Help Desk.

Who to Contact

Human Resources is changing the procedure for obtaining a new CORE password. For that reason, we need to establish a single line of communication. Effective immediately, all requests for password resets must be sent via email to HR@gatewayct.edu. Please include your name and employee number and your new password will be sent to you within 24 hours.

It is highly recommended that you set up an email address in CORE along with a password security question so that you may be able to immediately reset your password.