Injury on Campus Protocol


Steps to Follow in the Event of an Accident:

Step One—Completing Your Report

If you, as a faculty or staff member, incur an injury on campus you should complete the accident report form. If you happen to have any old forms, please discard and replace with attachment. As soon as you get hurt, the first thing you need to do (with the exception of an emergency) is fill out the attached form and send it to Human Resources.  Then proceed to the nearest approved provider if medical treatment is necessary.

Step Two—Submitting Your Report

Once you complete the form, you may submit your form in one of three ways:

  1. Hand deliver it to Mark Magnotti in the HR office, Room N324
  2. Fax it to Mark Magnotti at (203) 285-2539, or
  3. E-mail it to Mark Magnotti at

Step Three—Seeing a Provider

You are required to see a designated provider in the case of an accident.  For the one closest to your area, you may view the directory in either the Human Resources Office (N324), the HR website, or you may call 1-800-243-2336 for a provider. 

The closest recommended sites are:

  • Concentra Medical Centers   370 James Street, New Haven (203) 503-0482
  • Yale-New Haven Occupational Health Center   175 Sherman Avenue, New Haven (203) 789-3721 or 317 Foxon Road, East Haven (203) 466-5600.

Note: Any report NOT on the attached form will be sent back to be completed using the new form. This will delay you in getting a claim number for your injury.

Workers' Compensation

It is the policy of the State to have an employee notify his or her supervisor of an occupational injury and/or disease within 24 hours of the injury or illness. The employee must report the injury to his or her supervisor or other designated authority without delay regardless of the seriousness of the injury or its cause. Any delay in reporting your injury increases the chance that it may be disputed. An accident report form for personal injury on campus should be filled out by the injured party and forwarded to his or her immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Office as soon as possible. You must see someone in the provider in order to put your claim through workers’ compensation.  You may access the Provider Lookup via DAS website or you call 1-800-243-2336.

Accident/Worker’s Compensation Forms