Employment Policies

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CT Community College Policies

Click this link http://www.ct.edu/hr/policies#cc to find the following Community College policies and guidelines. 

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Procedures
  • College Closings, Delayed Openings, Early Release 
  • Financial Aid Code of Conduct 
  • IT Policies, Standards & Procedures
  • Sexual Harassment Policy 
  • Violence Prevention and Response Policy
  • Connecticut State College and Universities (CSCU) Procurement Manual

CT Board of Regents Policies & Guidelines

Click this link http://www.ct.edu/hr/policies#bor to find the following BOR policies and guidelines. 

  • Pre-Employment Background Verification Policy
  • Consensual Relationships Policy
  • Faculty Consulting and Research Policy
  • Affirmative Action Policy Statements
  • Nepotism in Employment
  • Ethics Statement
  • IT Policies

Inclement Weather or Other Emergency Condition

Pursuant to Board policy, when the College is closed, opening is delayed or early release is ordered due to inclement weather or another emergency condition, non-essential employees are not expected to report to work. In such circumstances EAs may charge the time to accrued leave (Personal or Holiday Comp.), or may make arrangements to make up missed hours, subject to the operating needs of the college.