Gateway to College Application Process

Make sure to consult with your school counselor prior to completing the application.

Click blue tab below to be directed to the GtC apllication



Step 1: 

Students Should Complete Application



Please note that printed applications may be subject to longer processing times. Online applications are recommended for faster processing times.

Step 2:

Students should submit the following supporting Documents

Counselors should submit the following supporting documentation:

  • Transcript Analysis (see linked PDF below) 
  • Attendance Report
  • Behavioral Report
  • Credit Analysis (see link below)
  • Most Current Official Transcript
  • Teacher referral Letter
  • Counselor Referral Letter

GtC Transcript Analysis Worksheet

All submissions should be addressed to:

Email:  and CC:

Or Delivered to:
Erik Murrell
20 Church St.
New Haven, CT 06510
Room S305N
(203) 285-2375